All kinds of events and parties become more colourful and charming by balloon decoration which is usually made of different colours. The most common celebration in which the inflatable decoration is used is the birthday events. All the different countries in the world take the birthday parties as significant as the big day celebrations. This is the same reason why the demand for suppliers of balloons has also increased. One of the major attractions of the balloons is that they are cheap to buy but highly attractive to make the party more cheerful. It is also important to be noted that the availability of balloons is also very high since every markets and ordinary shops supply balloons. But the customization of balloons has increased the pricing of balloons up to the needs and requirements of the customer. There are differences in the raw material used for the making of balloons.


In case of balloon adornment the raw material used is commonly natural latex. The common kinds of gases used for filling the balloons are air and helium. In fact the balloons are also filled with water in certain cases. The main factor that affects the balloons more flexible in volume is the elasticity of rubber. The rubber by which the balloons are made is the main factor that affects the entire performance of the balloon. Twisting balloon is an example is for the same. They are commonly used to make balloon centrepieces in functions which are highly flexible and starching.

Moreover there are inflatable parties in which most of the decorations are done with balloons. There are no other decoration items used in this kind of decorations. The balloons are used to create the shapes and figures for parties for the entertainment of guests who come. How the balloons are filled is also important. It can be done by mouth, an inflator- manual or electric or with compressed gas source. The inflator is a hand pump which is available in the market as the balloon is available. The rubber or the plastic balloons are filled with air or helium.

The normal duration of helium balloons is one day or little more. How the buoyancy is lost is also based on the scientific facts that the helium atoms which are enclosed in the balloon escape though the pores of the latex which are larger than the helium atoms. There are many cases in which the balloons which are fixed with helium stays in the shape for one week. This is because of the high quality latex used for the manufacturing. The process in which the gas filled in the balloon goes out is called as diffusion. The quality of the latex used can also be checked with the help of this method.

The balloon decoration is as common as the all other decoration done at the special days and events. But what make it very different from the other decorations are the affordability, high availability and colourfulness which cannot be provided by any other alternatives.

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