A complete avoidance of conflicts in an organization is very hard but can be prevented to a great extent. The conflicts can be foreseen and proper measures to avoid it should be taken by the management to reduce stress. It is also important to resolve a problem or conflict occurred in the establishment. There are many methods for the resolution of conflicts is followed. Some of the many are explained briefly here.

Problem solving is the most common and effective behavior of resolving the conflict. This is a process which is done with the mutual cooperation of both the parties of conflict. They have to come together for a complete rethinking of conflict situation. They have openly discussed and express their feelings, place facts and also try to identify the actual nature of the conflict. The causes and the symptoms of the issue are also identified and solved in the session. The major concern of the parties must be solving the problem rather than accommodating their views. The cases of misunderstanding are the most appropriate situation for this kind of method. The parties concerned get a chance to understand the opposite party through which the problems are solved.

Avoidance is also a method of problem resolution in which the parties to the conflict may either withdraw from the conflict or conceal the responsibility. The different methods of avoidance are withdrawal, indifference, invasion, apathy, reliance, fight upon fact and isolation. These are used to avoid the conflicts beforehand rather than solving the formed conflicts. The next method is the accommodation or smoothing process. In this a play down of the differences that exists between individuals or groups is present. The common interests are emphasized here which requires sacrifices from the parties to resolve the conflict in an amicable manner. The similarities of parties concerned are highlighted here.

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