Industrial revolution created tremendous increase in job opportunities across the world. Current growth in the area of internet and information technology created fear of unemployment in the starting stage. Economists and the researchers now predict this is not true but the role of workers may change in the internet era. Now we experiencing that this calculation by those experts were almost correct. Living condition on the basis of existing employment scenario is now changing by this advancement in technology, but we saw that some of them are not able to cop up with the changes. They may find employment problems due to these conditions.

Now in this era the internet and allied technologies are growing faster, the mobile phones in our hand can do most of the communication needs. This enables the small investors to function even without an office; they perform all the communication and managerial activities with the help of this phone. So the palm top offices eliminate some of the job opportunities.  Internet is the backbone of online activities of trading so it creating some amount of unemployment in that sector. The retail sector workforce is the main victim for this internet hyperactivity in the market. We see in some areas in the world they are using robots for their office and home based duties. This trend may also affect the job opportunities in that sector.

Gaming, training, and research are some areas where new technology of artificial intelligence and internet are using.  Many use the chess teaching facility in the net to teach the game to the children. Many other art forms also can be taught by using internet facility, this may reduce the job opportunities of some professionals in this field. We saw that some amount of unemployment occurs due to this technology but one must train himself to accommodate with the new technologies for better employment chances.

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