The atmosphere in the house is very important that can influence the mindset of people living there. Garden is the common habit of people which is very helpful to bring the feel good.  It is also to be noted that garden maintenance is a very messy and risky task if no proper measures are taken. The very first thing to make sure of the garden maintenance is the selection of areas for growing plants and trees. The availability of space, and using of that space in the most effective way, fuel the development beautiful garden in house.

One of the major issues faced by many plant lovers is the selection of plants to be grown in the garden. The prominent factor that affects the selection is the growth of the plant. There is a chance for the creepers to climb upon the buildings or walls in the compound. This can finally create the compound into messed with plants which hamper clear passage and vision. Thus, the plants which do not creep and crawl in the area should be selected. This also increases the transit in the garden. On the other hand the complete beauty of the garden as well as the building in the compound could not be enjoyed properly.

The watering of the plants is the next major concern for many people. The supply of water should be ensured properly which can only facilitate the growth of the plants to the desired level. The source of water and channels for supply must be maintained with due care so that any dysfunction is easily identifies and modified. The garden is a major area of water consumption from the source of water for the other household activities also. Thus it is very important to make sure that no water is wasted in the garden.

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