Art can be seen in various forms like paintings, sculpture and ceramics so on. Contemporary art pieces are used for conveying a concept. It can be used to create a centrepiece and to express the inspiration for the house. The sleek and modern designs of modern houses often include a nice collection of artworks. Electric rooms use attractive lighting for decorating the interior, however, in transitional rooms modern arts are used as a link between these elements.

The concept of contemporary art is far reaching and includes both abstract compositions and pop art. Abstract art uses formless content and pop art uses the motivation from media’s such as advertisements and cinema. Framed art paintings are a less expensive way to decorate rooms. There are many regional artists who create such art pieces with unique concept and give a suitable aura to the house.

In modern day houses, designs surround plethora of different embodiments, however, modern interior designs explains the characteristics and themes. Metals constitute the majority of modern design. Metals such as chrome, stainless steel are used as decorative pieces and it is used to make the interior attractive. Polished chrome is expensive due to its shiny surface and less maintenance cost. In modern design, minimalism is an essential component and it is used to save money and it requires planning to identify and allocate space for items to be placed in an efficient way.

Most of the homes are decorated with neutral colours throughout the home. These colours are used to provide support and to help in overcoming the hurdles faced in life. Modernism begins as an intellectual movement and then it spread to different walks of life. It can be considered as a spectrum rather than an individual light. It incorporates the ideas and textures of both bright and bold designs.

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