Housekeeping is a service offered in all the areas of household jobs in-order to keep the house tidy and clean. Usually these duties may be performed by any of the family members. But we need to engage the professional housekeeping service agencies due to various reasons. Professional service offered is a paid service and they use modern equipment and trained persons for the services. Housekeeping service is offered to bigger establishments like hospitals, marriage halls or restaurants also. It involves different departments of maintenance and improvement of houses.

Removing dust and dirt is a function by the house keeping peoples; they clean this by using machineries like vacuum cleaner or power cleaner. They may use the traditional wash methods or sweeping to clean the area but by using more efficient cleaning materials. After the cleaning they usually spay fragrant perfumes in the cleaned area to give a welcoming smell. They use disinfectant spays for eradicating germs and bacteria.

Housekeeping service agencies remove the waste materials; they use special bags for collecting this and remove from the house. Dumping of such materials make our home and buildings messy and place for insects and pests. Housekeeping help us to keep our place free from these harmful creatures. They use human friendly chemicals for cleaning and dis-infestation services. Special services like drainage cleaning, block removal are also offered by some service agencies.  Housekeeping services also use modern technology support for management and accounting.

Housekeeping service agencies use different kinds of tools and equipment for their services. The list starts from a common broom to most modern cleaning and service equipment. The personals are trained to use this equipment in an efficient way. Both ladies and men are equally engaged in this service industry. These service agencies not only perform their duty inside the building but in the exterior also.

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