Most of us shop online and sometime we face serious safety problems during this activity of online shopping. We must use some method of payment and an online shop’s website for the purchases. Following are some information about safe shopping in the net-space.

  • Use of reliable and known sites for shopping is helpful for safe interaction in online shopping. We could log in to the web sites directly by using their application or address. Most of the well known online shops have almost anything for our purchase. We can then compare the prize difference and the customer reviews in one or two reliable sites to finalize the product.
  • While shopping on line we need to use either debit or credit paycards or net banking. We must look for the web site for its payment protection; we could identify this by seeing the URL and the symbol of lock mostly in the bottom side. We could use some of the reliable pay wallets also for the payment.
  • Do not share any personal or security details while shop online this may cause serious damage to our personal and financial security if dealt with any bad intentioned people.
  • We must be sure that everything is charged accordingly and no fraudulent is happened in billing by putting hidden charges. If anything charged without the knowledge of us we must claim it back either from the bank of from the online shop. Regular checking of the accounts on cards and wallets will help to identify the mistakes or fraud.
  • We must protect our computer system using for the purchase by installing reliable security software.
  • Passwords using for payment and for logging in must have enough safety and strength. Avoid using easily guessable passwords and common password for many uses, we must try to create unique password for our shopping needs.


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