Religion is a double edged sword. The main reason for such an outcome is due to the nature and functionalities of religion. The mundane religious activities help people to build a unity towards others. Religions will cause the formation of expectations and sacrifices within the family. From early ages faiths in different cultures have led to both peace and war, it is the interpretation of faith which has lead to most of these outcomes.

However, it is the oppressed person who is most likely to resort to violence and discrimination based on castes has acted as a catalyst in different parts of world. Even though religion is always considered as a way to maintain peace among people in modern day society, in several places it is considered as the reason for fight.  It is used as a way to provide hope in life to overcome the struggles we face in our life, in this context religion is a refuge for many families.

Religion is helps to lay down some of the life values in the families. Duel effects of religion do not lower the impact of religion in families but we must understand that the religion can influence the families in a positive and negative manner. Religion helps to form the basic institutions of the society, family and marriage.

Most of the religions suggest that the inner behaviour of persons helps to live them as a family and the belief in God is the basis of it. Belief in God is the basis of religion and all the religions present the God with this kind of duel actions of peace and punishment. This nature is indulged in the families also through the teaching of the religion. We see this thinking in the teaching of religions and it affects the society and the families.

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