Justin Hunter's new album Eunopia


Justin Hunter is a passionate lover of life, absolute adventure maniac, ultra-marathon runner, electro music fan and instrumental pianist. His hasn't been the most likely journey for what one may expect of an instrumental pianist. Learning to play by ear (via the Suzuki method), Justin's career began in the most humble of ways: in his hometown of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, playing for tips on the piano in his local café. Just three years later Justin has sold tens of thousands of CDs and acquired himself a legion of passionate fans. But in true Justin style, he achieved this in the most unlikely of ways.

Justin's first CD release came after customers were insistent that they be able to take his music home with them. His first album, which cost a grand sum of $180 to record, quickly sold out in Katoomba and the surrounding towns. This prompted Justin to embark on a massive 10,000km CD-selling journey over the next few years. Tartha, Bega, Merimbula, Eden, Berry, Shell Harbour, Ulladulla, Bangalow, Orange, Bowral and Cowra were all on the trail as he meandered inland from Queensland, through New South Wales and Victoria, selling his CD's in the towns along the way. Eventually Justin headed south to Melbourne, where he decided to lay down new roots amongst the plethora of creative spaces available to young artists.

The past few years have seen Justin sell volumes of CDs that are unprecedented for most independent acts in the current industry climate; literally tens of thousands all without a label, publicist or via traditional retail. Instead Justin's fan-base has evolved through personalised, direct selling during his travels and the strength of word-of-mouth that lovers of music naturally generate. His journey has also involved adventures that have seen his music fall (generally not by accident) into the hands of artists such as Chris Martin, Pink, Erykah Badu, MIA and Bono. A character whose life and music revolves around human connection, Justin's music has become known through word-of-mouth from those who have been struck by its unique style and tone. Admirers vary from butchers in remote country towns to sleep-deprived mothers who have discovered his adept power to calm their newborns. Justin's piano music seems to touch even the most unlikely of (potential) fans.

His new album 'Mountains to Masses' is the musical unification of the two places Justin holds dear to his heart; the dramatic beauty and spaciousness of his home in the Blue Mountains, and the vibrant, chaotic (yet at times lonely) city that is Melbourne.